General Information on Double Glazing

Insulated glazing is the same as the double glazing. Double glazing means when the building of a window or door the constructors uses panes of glasses. Using one pane glass does not reduce the heat or noise from quickly transferring. During the year the double glazed front doors will reduce the amount of money you spend paying for heating and cooling. But there are some questions you have to ask yourself before deciding to invest on double glazing. Some of the questions are.


Energy efficiency

kllmmmbbHow energy efficient are the windows? When choosing, energy efficient windows look at the energy saving trust recommended logo. The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient it is. But it’s not an obligation that the manufacturers label their products this makes it hard to know what rating an energy saver has.

Layer of glasses needed

How many layer of glass do you need? Triple or double glazing is available it all depends on what you want. But the windows must be double with around 16mm between the glasses. But to keep the glass apart, some people use a vacuum, organ or krypton between the glasses.

What keeps the two panes apart? What keeps the two panes of glass apart is the pane spacers that are set around the edges. For the pane spacers, look for something that’s made of little metal or none at all. Without the two panes, the window won’t perform its function in keeping the heat of the house.


Do you need ventilation? A double glazed window or door can be more airtight. Double glazed windows cause air circulation in the house to be reduced which can be so uncomfortable. If there is less space in the house, there would be consideration of using the single dazed window in one of the windows to allow a small amount of controlled air.

Some of the flames that are commonly used include in the installation of double glazed windows or doors:


jhhhhhjjhWooden frames; they require maintenance and often used when the rest of the house is wooden of when the windows were previously wooden framed.

Aluminum or steel frames: they are durable, and you can use them again even after moving out of that house.

Composite frame: this has special features because they are made of both timber but covered with aluminum or plastic. They don’t require so much taking care of, and the plastic keeps them waterproof.

But choosing of frames is all upon your personal taste and how you home was built. In all the frames materials there are some with the energy rating.