Factors to Consider When Shopping For A Carpet Cleaner

The importance of owning a carpet cleaner is undisputed. They come with so many benefits that make them an essential machine to have in every home. The are many options available at Carpet Cleaner 101, making choosing the best one to buy a little challenging. Getting the one that suits your specific needs from all the available different types is quite essential. There are a couple of factors that you need to consider before making your purchase, some of which have been discussed below.

Factors to consider


You should make a decision on whether you want to go for the canister carpet cleaner or upright carpet deep cleaner. These are the two main types, each of which has its advantages. If you intend to use the carpet cleaner to clean carpets that cover a large area, upright carpet cleaners will be the better option. If it is for stairs, auto interior, upholstery, and such, the spot cleaners will be a much better choice.

Rinsing mode

The rinsing mode is another important feature to take note of before buying a carpet cleaner. This is because it can potentially save you some time and labor. There are two main options to consider, which are the rinsing only mode and the manual rinsing mode. The main difference between the two is that with manual rinsing, you have to get rid of the detergent from the water tank before you start rinsing while with the other you can simply need to switch the mode.

Cleaning row width

This refers to the width that the cleaning path will be. The cleaning area is what determines the most suitable choice for you. The more the cleaning rows, the more time you will save but the price will probably be higher. If you have to navigate many obstacles while cleaning, smaller sizes may come in handy.

swsdfvwasdvfsdvfdInbuilt water heating technology

Warm cleaning water does a better job at getting the carpet clean, compared to cold water. Some manufacturers have incorporated some forms of water heating technology to some models. With others, you need to add hot water manually to the tank if you wish to clean with hot water. You need to make a decision on the one that will work best for you, factoring in the prices of each.

Tank size

The tank size determines the weight of the machine when it is filled. The more the capacity of the tank, the heavier it will be, but the more you will be able to clean without having to refill, thus improving efficiency.