Differentiating Bedbug Bites From Mosquitoes’

Have you have ever woken up one morning only to find a bite that you cannot tell where it comes from? Well, if you wake up and find an itchy red bump on your skin, then the chances are that you have been bitten by an insect or a pest. Sometimes finding a way of  distinguishing bed bug bites from mosquito bites can be quite challenging.

Bedbug bites can be very difficult to diagnose. This is because the appearance of the bites has a different appearance depending on the individuals. Since every person reacts differently to the bites, it can be very difficult to identify the source of the problem. In this article, you will get to learn how to tell bed bug bites from mosquito bites.

Take note of the site

hgfdsfghyujiThe neck, face, arms and hands are the most common sites that are attacked by the mosquitoes. The reason for this is obvious; those are the parts that remain uncovered when one is asleep. Another common characteristic of a mosquito bite is that it is associated with some pains and itchy feelings.

On the other hand, bedbugs are one of those pests that love hiding. This means wen it comes to bedbug bites; you are likely to find them on hidden sites such as the back and the legs. The bite itself painless and in most instances, you cannot know when you are being bitten. For those people who are insensitive to chemicals ( in this case, bedbug’s saliva) will not even notice that they have been bitten unless they saw the impact.

Itching and swelling

Swelling and itching are also considered the signs and symptoms of a bedbug bite. This is normally caused by certain bacteria that is found in the bedbug’s saliva. To relieve the itching, it is always advisable you make use of the hydrocortisone or calamine. Natural remedies can also work, so if you know one; you can also try it.

Check with the doctor

ghjuiokhgfdThe best way of clearing all doubts about the mosquito or bed bug bite is to check with your doctor. Sometimes, the even the doctors might confuse even the doctors. This is because the bites may appear like skin illness. So calling n exterminator may be more convenient than a doctor. An exterminator can also help you to eliminate the bedbugs from your home entirely. This will end your agony of being bitten continuously by the bedbugs.