Pros and cons of using upright vacuum cleaners


A vacuum cleaner is an essential item, found in almost every household. However, there comes a time when a new vacuum cleaner must be bought. The decision of choosing which cleaner should be bought can sometimes be quite tricky. Vacuum cleaners are some of the most expensive cleaning tools we need to buy to maintain our homes. Therefore, the decision of buying the most appropriate one, should not be taken lightly. Nowadays, the market is filled with all kinds of types and models of vacuum cleaners. For the purpose of making your choice a bit easier, we will discuss in greater detail the characteristics and properties of a lightweight upright vacuum, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Flexible and customizable

22msdsjThe upright vacuum cleaners are some of the most popular types of cleaners on the market these days. This is largely due to their multi-functionality and flexibility. These types are usually equipped with a brush agitator, which can be extremely useful for carpet cleaning, as well as a large number of optional additions and attachments. Most of these attachments can be used to efficiently clean other surfaces and objects, such as bare floors and various kinds of furniture.

So, what are some of the most notable advantages of a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner?

  • First of all, this type is much easier and more convenient to use. Thanks to its characteristics, you will not have to bend to use it and reach certain parts of your home. When it comes to the standard vacuum cleaners, many people complain about experiencing back pain after using them. By using an upright cleaner, you will protect your back muscles and significantly reduce the amount of strain your legs suffer. Therefore, if your health is a concern, an upright vacuum would be a much better choice.
  • These models are also far more convenient to use, as well. This is mostly a result of the design decision to put the on/off switch right on the handle. Thanks to this feature, you will find it much easier to switch the vacuum on and off. Additionally, there are also models that have their on/off switches on their foot levers. So, if you would prefer to use your foot to turn on or off your vacuum, these models would be your best pick.
  • Many modern upright models also feature the hard surface-to-carpet sensors. With a model such as this, you can go between various floor surfaces with smooth movements. You will not have to switch floor heads, in order to accommodate various types of surfaces, halfway through the room. The best thing is that it all happens automatically and instantaneously.

What are the most notable disadvantages?

  • 33mmnksjofThe most notable disadvantage of an upright vacuum is that it is sometimes incapable of reaching complex corners throughout the household.
  • Some upright models can also prove tricky to maneuver, due to their fixed wheels, which are usually quite limited when it comes to steering. However, some modern models feature the Ball technology, which allows them to maneuver around complex areas.
  • Lastly, upright vacuums are more expensive than the standard ones. However, given how easy they are to use, and how effective they are at cleaning. They are well worth their price.